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H.O.P.E - Hold On, Pain Ends

The world as we know it is changing every second and so is our lives. We all have our own lives and we are all dealing with things. This pandemic has not made our lives easier. Let us admit something, everyone deals with pain. Pain is inevitable. Now I want to share some personal experiences I had during the pandemic.

I have lost people during this pandemic. The most painful one being the death of my Step-Mom. I lost her on March 25, 2021. In February and on Valentine’s Day, my Dad, my Step-Mom, and I got infected by the Covid-19 virus. It took me one week to recover, my dad took about nine days, but everything went south when my Step-Mom had to go to the hospital. I was asleep when she was admitted to the hospital. I knew she would fight and she did. She fought the virus for one month. Once again, things weren’t in our favor, she went into cardiac arrest, and fell into a coma. When I heard the news, it felt like my heart left my body.

After a week or two, she finally lost the battle. The amount of pain I felt after that. I had trouble focusing in school, and I had to force myself to smile everyday. I HAD TO FORCE A SMILE!!! IT HURTS!! I had so much regret because it was time cut short for someone I loved. I regret not being able to see her in the morning. I regretted everything. I cried, cried, and cried every single day. I felt like I was alone with no one to call for help. So I am telling you, that you don’t need to hide your pain.

Hiding your pain hurts a lot. It keeps you from peace of mind. For example, consider my experience. I hid my hurt from all my friends and teachers until I couldn’t hide it anymore. The pain is going to come out anyway. I encourage you all, that if you are in pain, please find someone to talk to and please keep your faith and your HOPE.

In Remembrance of all of the ones we lost.

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