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COPS: Good Cop VS Bad Cop

The law enforcement’s purpose is to protect and serve the people, not to torment and torture the people. In society today and decades past, I believe law enforcement has been given too much power. It seems as though they feel that they can do anything to a citizen and get away with it. Officers with this kind of mindset are known as the bad cops. They are the reason law enforcement has a bad reputation. It has been demonstrated that police officers are aggressive towards Black and Brown communities, and racism is a dominant reason. There is so much evidence that shows the brutality against these communities.

The death of George Floyd sparked worldwide anger for the murder and because the officers were not immediately fired for killing an innocent black man. This tragedy also ignited the Black Lives Matter Movement (BLM), which held mostly peaceful protests. Instead of standing alongside protesters, most officers decided to attack protestors with rubber bullets, tear gas, and some were even arrested. Peaceful protestors were shot and arrested, which was sad to see.

Like the senseless violence toward George Floyd, one month ago a nine-year-old girl was pepper-sprayed by Rochester Police Officers. Officers said they received a report about “family trouble,” which led to handcuffing, pepper spraying, and tossing the young girl in the back of a police car. The girl was screaming and shouting for her father. Once again, the police had too much power and reacted inappropriately to the matter. Here is a clip from the scene captured by ABC 7 New York.

Of course there are also good cops in our law enforcement system. They are the ones that are empathetic and educated. They are the ones that are compassionate and understanding. They would not resort to force unless necessary. As the saying goes, “It takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch.” Unfortunately, it’s been more than a few bad officers that ruin the reputation of the entire law enforcement system. I truly believe that it’s time for the bad apples to be relieved of their services, to stop police brutality. #EndPoliceBrutality

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