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Back to School: The Return of School Sports

It was recently announced by Mayor Bill De Blasio, that high school students will be able to return to school for in-person learning beginning March 22nd. Personally, I think the news is great, so I don't have to be stuck in the house 24/7. Also, being at home comes with too many distractions and I tend to submit work late. In addition to looking forward to being back in the school building, I am excited for school sports to return. It was announced that school sports, such as basketball and football, might have a season this year.

Selim Algar (2021) of the New York Post reports the Department of Education will allow all sports to resume strength and conditioning activities in April and begin competitive play in May. In addition, seasons will be extended into the summer. This means that teams will be able to start practicing in April to get ready for the upcoming season. This is exciting news, with the understanding that Coronavirus is still here, and we have to maintain safety protocols even playing outdoor sports.

High schools will allow a small number of students back into the buildings for safety measures. The rest will continue doing remote learning from home. Algar (2021) states Shawn O’Connor, a coach from a Coney Island High School, said the prolonged absence of scholastic sports has had a direct and damaging impact on kids — especially those from low-income communities. I think we can all agree that remote learning had negative impacts for everyone socially and emotionally. The return to school sports will be a positive impact for the players and spectators.

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