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The Red Crab – Restaurant Review

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

When I walked into the Red Crab, the vibe was something to enjoy. On different days they host a different DJ, so I went on a Tuesday and it was “Reggae Tuesday”. I recommend going on a weekday to avoid the crowds because I attempted to go to Red Crab on a Saturday, and there was an hour wait to be seated. We were seated immediately on the Tuesday I went, and we received our food within 5-10 minutes. The drinks were amazing! My Mom had a Strawberry Mojito and she loved it. Her friend had the Rum Punch and he loved it as well. No worries there are non-alcoholic options, and I had a Strawberry Daiquiri with no alcohol. The Daiquiri was so good and sweet, just how I like it.

The food was also good! For appetizers we ordered 2 fried shrimp baskets, one with Cajun fries and one with regular fries, and it was to die for. They have options if you are not a fan of seafood. They have very good wings and fried rice, which is what my Mom ordered. She got an order of Cajun fried rice and 6 Sweet and Sticky wings. I tasted one of her wings and had to order them for myself because they were so good! But, of course, I had to also order seafood. I ordered a pound of crab legs and a pound of shrimp, which came with corn and potatoes cooked in their garlic butter. It was absolutely delicious! My Mom's friend ordered three lobster tails with a juicy special sauce and he loved it as well. The ambiance is nice as music plays while you are eating. There was also live entertainment with singing in the restaurant. The service was exceptional, and the waiter was so kind. I would definitely recommend the Red Crab!

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